Some questions about 6×01 “LA X”

The temple, LOST 6x01

I’m on the East Coast this week, so I got to see it earlier than usual.

That was mind-boggling. Loved the way it started twice, first in the sky, then on the Island. It’s like everyone gets to be right — the people who thought there would be a time reset AND the people who thought there wouldn’t.

Out of all the many questions raised in the episode, these are the questions that are melting my mind the most:

1. How can they be in two places at once? WTF?

2. Who are those other Others?

3. NotLocke seemed to admire RealLocke, in a way. Is that why he chose him to impersonate?

4. How did Sayid come back to life?

5. How did Juliet know the bomb worked?

6. Why does sand create a barrier that NotLocke/Smoky can’t cross?

7. Why is there a space in the title?

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4 responses to “Some questions about 6×01 “LA X”

  1. I didn’t know there was a space in the title! Goodness, even the titles are a mystery now?

    That was an interesting note that NotLocke made about RealLocke…he pretty much dissed him, then said he was the only one who had any sense. That was something I forgot to mention in my recap–where on earth is the “home” that NotLocke wants to get to?

    And yeah, how does Juliet know? Was it because she was straddling life and death at the time and could see the truth? I wonder if we’ll ever get an answer to that one.

    The dual timelines thing is mind-scrambling. I thought at first that only certain characters would be in each timeline, but that didn’t turn out to be the case. Maybe it’s all an illusion/delusion?

    I’m so confused. 😛

    • The title is LA (space) X. I’m sure that means something, but I have no idea what.

      As for notLocke’s wanting to go “home” — can I plug my own theory here? It was something I wrote a few days before the premiere, and I was speculating that Jacob and the Man in Block were in exile on the Island, and that the MiB killed Jacob in order to end his exile — and thus be able to go home. Hmmm … cue Twilight Zone music!

      I think you’re right about Juliet. Also, per a friend’s theory, she might be flipping in and out of time zones, the way Desmond had been earlier.

      As for the timelines being an illusion … I hope not. If the show ends with “It was all a dream (or all a hallucination)” I am not going to be a happy Lost fan.

      I’m enjoying the alternate timeline a lot. All the familiar characters, put into a slightly different storyline. It’s like being inside a writer’s mind, as the writer, starting with the characters, considers first one situation, then another, in which to place them.

  2. For question number two – who are the other others?

    I think they may be the people Ben sent away at one point. Although I think some of them had already been there. Did you notice stewardess Cindy and two of the lost kids?

    Question #6 – purpose of sand in circle –

    I read somewhere that a circle of sand/ash supposedly creates a mystical ring of protection — as long as you are inside of it. Of course, from what we saw last night, you can get knocked out of it. 🙂

    • I didn’t notice the stewardess/kids — thanks for pointing that out! Very interesting … and very weird.

      The sand could be a mystical ring of protection. That makes sense. But I wonder why Smokie, who seems so powerful otherwise, is so easily repelled. Where does the sand get it’s mystic powers? Maybe it’s special sand.

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