Unusual gifts for fans of ABC’s LOST

Updated November 23, 2011

Are you looking for LOST-related gifts for fans who already have the DVDs and t-shirts and episode guides? Here are some out-of-the-ordinary items that even the most enthusiastic LOST fan is unlikely to own:

The hatch painting

The hatch painting

If you’ve taken the Lost University placement test, you may remember a question about the mural in the Swan station. The mural, also known as the hatch painting, was painted by executive producer and director Jack Bender. You can buy a 24″ by 32″ poster print signed by Bender for $45, or the same-sized print unsigned for $25.

Gospel of John starring Henry Ian Cusick

"Gospel of John" starring Henry Ian Cusick

Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond Hume) got rave reviews for playing Jesus Christ in the 2003 movie Gospel of John, his first major film role. Before then he had been primarily a stage actor. Jam! called Cusick “the finest and most refined Christ in film history.” L.A. Weekly said “Rather than the ethereal Christ figure common to much religious art, The Gospel of John’s Jesus (played brilliantly by the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Henry Ian Cusick) is a fundamentally human, impassioned rabbi, frustrated by the need to perform miracles as a way of proving himself, enraged by the sin he sees all about him.” The Gospel of John DVD sells for $11.99.

The Baptism of Christ by Verrocchio and da Vinci

The Baptism of Christ by Verrocchio

Another question on the Lost U. placement test referred to the 15th century painting “The Baptism of Christ,” created by Andrea del Verrocchio with assistance from a young Leonardo da Vinci. In episode 1×12 Fire + Water, Charlie had a dream where Claire and his mother were the angels that appear on the left side of the painting, and Hurley was John the Baptist. You can buy a 13″ x 19″ poster of the painting, now on sale  for only one penny (plus shipping).

Hotel Lachapelle

Hotel Lachapelle

If your LOST-fan gift recipients have seen the amazing Season 1 British promo created by wildly inventive photographer David LaChapelle, they might enjoy seeing some of his other work. Here’s Amazon’s description of his photography book Hotel LaChapelle: “In this world, heads are sewn onto different-colored bodies, a nurse holds a face with a pair of tweezers, Marilyn Manson works as a school crossing guard, Madonna is a Krishna goddess, Leonard DiCaprio becomes Marlon Brando, and Ewan McGregor’s face peers into a dollhouse while his body bleeds from a gunshot wound fired from Barbie’s diminutive gun. The list goes on, and what it says about LaChapelle’s vision is that excess is never too much.” Hotel Lachapelle sells for $37.80.

Bride and Prejudice

See Sayid dance

Before he played Sayid, Naveen Andrews danced his way through the 2005 Bollywood musical remake of Pride and Prejudice (clip). LOST fans can tap their toes to Bride and Prejudice for $14.49.



A tour of LOST’s filming locations on Oahu would be the ultimate gift for a LOST fan. A five-hour guided tour in a Hummer costs $154.00 per person. Buy two tickets so that you can go too.

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