I like ‘V’ better than ‘FlashForward’

Promo picture for "V" with Elizabeth Mitchell in the center

Promo picture for "V" with Elizabeth Mitchell in the center

While there’s only been one episode of V so far, I’m already liking it better than FlashForward, the other show with a LOST alum as a star. I thought V had more interesting characters (the teenagers, in particular, I thought were very well done), better production values (the inside of the ship was cool), better dramatic conflicts, better dialogue, and hints of some intriguing themes.

It’s no LOST (even if they did have a guy who got out of a wheelchair), but so far, it looks good.

What do you think? Which science-fiction show, with an FBI investigation, starring a blonde LOST actress, do you prefer?

Editing to add 8/17/10: After the haitus, I thought FlashFoward got much better, and by the end, I was sorry that it was canceled. I wanted to see more. I thought V, on the other hand, went downhill in the spring. So I’ve changed my mind completely about both shows. This was one case where first impressions were not accurate!

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