What is the best TV drama of all time?

Old TV

We all love LOST. But do you think that LOST is the best TV drama ever?

I do, at least so far.

What do you think? What’s the best TV drama of all time?

Photo of old TV by Oliver Gruener

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4 responses to “What is the best TV drama of all time?

  1. Homicide: Life on the Street

  2. Lost is really really high on my list, so I voted that way. Other compelling competitors include Law & Order: CI and Medium. And NYPD Blue. BSG is a strong contender, too, though like NYPD they had some seasons that weren’t as good as others.

  3. I liked NYPD Blue a lot, back in the day. Never been a huge fan of L&O. Only saw a few episodes of Homicide, but I liked The Wire, which was made by the same people. I’m still watching BSG on DVD.

    My second choice (and it’s a very close second) after LOST is The Sopranos. And then there was The Singing Detective, which was just a mini-series, but one of the most strange ( in a good way) and amazing things that I’ve seen on TV.

  4. NYPD Blue would be my second choice for best drama ever. Although Little House on the Prarie would be up there too – just on a totally different spectrum than Lost or NYPD. 🙂

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