LOST Season 5, Episodes 10-17 now on Hulu and ABC

Season 5 Poster

Season 5 Poster

UPDATE 12/19/09: Hulu will put up all the Season 5 episodes starting on January 1, 2010. Netflix has the whole season available now, for Netflix subscribers.

UPDATE 11/18/09: Early this morning, Hulu and ABC posted Season 5 Episodes 10 (He’s Our You) through Episode 17 (the finale The Incident). They took down Episodes 1 through 9.

Original post below:

The first half of Season 5 is now on Hulu and on the ABC site.

Until recently, they had all the episodes from Seasons 1 to 4, but only the last few episodes of Season 5. Now they’ve added the first 9 episodes of Season 5, but taken the later episodes down. I guess it must be some kind of marketing ploy, a way to get people to buy the Season 5 DVD set when it becomes available, but it’s awfully confusing.

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5 responses to “LOST Season 5, Episodes 10-17 now on Hulu and ABC

  1. bought to go crazy that I can’t watch Season 5 episodes 1-9, what is up with that? who wants to watch the season from the middle?

  2. I think they may be trying to drive people crazy so that more people will go out and buy the Season 5 DVD set when it is first released.

    I’m guessing that they may put the whole season back up online after the DVD set has been out for a while. That’s just a guess, though.

    I’ll post any updates here.

    • I was right. They will be posting all of Season 5 on January 1. That means that ALL prior episodes, from Season 1 through Season 5, will be available starting on New Year’s day.

  3. Screw ABC and screw LOST. I was losing interest anyway. I guess I’m done with that show.

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