The Yankees are coming! (LOST parody)

The numbers! They're bad!

The numbers! They're bad!

Here’s another video that was featured in the montage of fan-made videos shown in this summer’s Comic-Con. While some of the humor here is too violent for my tastes, I’m glad the video was honored at Comic-Con. It’s part of a popular long-running series, LOST: What Will Happen Next?, and many people believe that the fan-made series, with its shaking action figures spouting snarky dialogue, was the inspiration for the official ABC LOST Untangled series. So it’s nice to see ABC turn around and give it a nod.

Video made by the Fine Brothers

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3 responses to “The Yankees are coming! (LOST parody)

  1. Uhh… yeah. Not quite my cup of tea (the violence.) Are the others in the series similarly violent?

  2. Pretty much. Not really my cup of tea either, but they do have a huge following.

    What’s most interesting to me are the similarities between the Fine Brothers videos and the official LOST Untangled videos. I remember that when ABC made the first LOST Untangled last February, there were a lot of comments online from people who thought that ABC had ripped off the Fine Brothers, along with some debate from people who disagreed.

    I thought the similarities were striking. I even wrote a little post about it, at the time, back on my old blog (which, in case anyone reading this stumbles across, is NOT my blog any more, and I have nothing to do with its current state of disrepair, nor the sleazy ads that the current owners have slapped on top of it, alas).

    Anyway, I thought this was a happy ending to the story. To the extent that ABC got the idea for the look-and-sound of the LOST Untangled series from the Fine Brothers videos — and I think they probably did — it wasn’t very nice of them to refrain from giving any kind of credit. So including the clip in the Comic-Con montage was an honor which I think puts things right.

  3. I took a look at some more of the videos in the series , and they’re not all violent, so I take back what I said before.

    You might (or might not) like this one. It has some clever bits about Giant Walt, and about Locke asking everyone to come back, but only once:

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