Will we need the Blu-ray discs to watch LOST University lectures?

Update 2/10/10 — I posted the first two lecture videos (and a link where you can view more of them) here –> LOST University class videos on Egyptian hieroglyphics

Lost University logoUpdate 9/24/09:  The “Carlton” and “Damon” posting on the LOST University forums (saying they would find alternate solutions to make LOST University available to fans without Blu-ray) turned out to be just forum users fooling around, not the actual producers. So I deleted my original post here that quoted what “Carlton” and “Damon” had written.

The question, whether the Blu-ray discs will be necessary to participate in the LOST University lectures, still remains. I’ve seen conflicting answers. In fact, the answer has been unclear since Disney first issued a press release, early in August, which was ambiguous, saying on the one hand that the whole experience was “powered” by the BD-Live technology on the Blu-ray discs, and on the other hand that the discs contained only bonus material.

I hope they make the lectures available for everyone online. I don’t mind if the Blu-ray discs have extra bells and whistles not available elsewhere, but after all the publicity and teasing ABC has done about LOST University, it seems unfair to leave people who don’t have Blu-ray players, or who for whatever reason don’t want to buy the discs, completely out in the cold.

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