Charlie will be in three episodes in Season 6

Dominic Monaghan at Comic-Con holding up hand which appears to say "Am I Alive?"

Dominic Monaghan at Comic-Con holding up hand which appears to say "Am I Alive?"

E! Online is saying that they have exclusive info, from unnamed sources, that Charlie, played by Dominic Monaghan, will be back for three more episodes.

Photo of Dominic Monaghan from SL-Lost.

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11 responses to “Charlie will be in three episodes in Season 6

  1. *squee*

    Can we get Boone back, too? 😛

  2. I’ll second Val’s request. 😀

  3. I’m going to be the odd person out here, because I would be very happy if Boone — and Shannon too — would just stay peacefully dead and off of my TV screen. 😉 Ha — I’m just not a big fan of them or their storylines.

    The ones I’d like to see return are Abaddon (Lance Reddick) — no chance of that though — and Real Locke, and Scary Ben (as opposed to whiny “You never paid attention to me!” Ben), and Libby, and Juliet, and *Little* Walt, and Faraday. And Jacob — we hardly knew you! And Nadia.

    Did I leave anyone out? Can you think of anyone else you’d like to see come back?

  4. I’m with you on NOT having Shannon back. Libby would be great to have back, and I don’t think Juliet is really gone. If the bomb actually killed her, then I would imagine it killed everyone else in the area as well. So … I suspect she’ll still be there. (unless I’ve missed an article somewhere) 🙂

  5. Ha — Shannon was one of the most annoying characters. Juliet is supposed to be coming back! I’d love to see Mr. Eko come back, but apparently the actor quit in the first place because he hated being in Hawaii, so that’s a long shot. Wouldn’t mind seeing Ana Lucia again. Also Hurley’s parents — not that they are dead, but I just doubt they are in the script, and I would love to see them one more time.

  6. Hmm, I’d like to see Boone, Boone, and…oh, sorry. Hee. I did hate Shannon quite a bit, especially when she and Sayid hooked up–that was just pure nonsense. Bleh.

    Real Locke would be great, and of course Juliet. And ooh, Faraday. I loved that poor sweet man–I wish he and the redhead could both come back.

    I despised little Walt and especially his dad–they were just written as such whiners. Gah. I thought Mr. Eko left too soon, but yeah, I guess if the actor doesn’t want to come back, that’s the end of that.

    Oh yeah, and Boone. LOL. He’s right up there with Eyeliner Man, can you tell? *G*

  7. Hey, Val, would you like to see Boone come back? You weren’t very clear about that. Hah.

    Yeah, the redhead — Charlotte — I hope she comes back. And speaking of Sayid, he wasn’t looking too good at the end of the episode, so I hope he will make it back too. When someone is shot and then later blown up by a nuclear bomb, does the nuclear bomb make the gunshot wound heal itself? 😉

  8. LOL…talk about cauterizing a wound! Ha!

    And Charlotte, yes, thank you…drew a blank there!

    Yes, I would like to see Boone come back. With his big ethereal eyes and pretty arched brows. *G*

  9. All this squeeing made me curious, so I took a look — and guess what — Boone IS coming back! Or at least the actor who plays him thinks he is. I’m finishing up a post about it as we speak …

  10. ilovelosttttsomuch

    i love charlieee 🙂
    and daniel faraday!!
    i wish those two would come baaackk!!!
    and i also love desmond 🙂

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