Simeon Hobbes is a fake!

Look!  It's an unofficial game!

Look! It's an unofficial game!

DarkUFO reported yesterday that the Simeon Hobbes game is a fan fake, not an official game from ABC.

“Elliot” confirmed it on the who is simeon hobbes? blog.

Although it’s not an official ABC game, “Elliot” says that it is a real game, not just a hoax. So the messages do present a puzzle that can still be solved, if what he/she/they say is true.

More information, as always, can be found on Lostpedia.

There is also a blog devoted to following the game, which may be the best place to keep up with what is going on. The blog has now been renamed the UNOFFICIAL Lost ARG.

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2 responses to “Simeon Hobbes is a fake!

  1. Oh brother. Get us Lost fans all excited that we might be getting some cool info and insights into next season …. then find out its a fake. Oh well, I guess it’s still a good thing for people who just like to solve puzzles.

  2. I think that even if the game had been official, it still would have been mostly for people who just like to solve puzzles. I don’t think that ABC could really give away too much information about next season in any of their online features, because it wouldn’t be fair to the majority of the show’s viewers, who don’t get involved in the internet stuff at all.

    My main concern with the game being unofficial is whether the clues would be fair — not too hard and not too easy, and not inconsistent — and whether it might just be a hoax, a fake puzzle with no solution at all.

    I haven’t tackled any of the previous official games, but from what I heard, the last one was terrible — so maybe the fans running this game could do it better.

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