Eye candy

Pin-up worthy pictures of the women and men of LOST.

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3 responses to “Eye candy

  1. No eyeliner man! For shame! But Sawyer and Jin…yummmm. And that is sooo wrong, in that swimsuit pic of Sawyer, his hand is in exactly the wrong place. Grrrr! 😛

  2. Ha ha on Sawyer’s hand, which I bet was carefully posed. I like the picture of him in jeans, and I like the one of Jin in a suit and the one in a white shirt. I’ve seen better pictures of Sayid, though the close-up is nice. I love that the blogger included Emerson for being such an awesomely talented actor, even though he’s not the pin-up type. If I could wave a magic wand and meet one of the actors, Emerson would be the one I would pick.

    Maybe the blogger didn’t include Eyeliner Guy because she wanted to show hot young things — and Eyeliner Guy is thousands of years old. 😉

  3. LOL…yes, it’s so difficult for Eyeliner Guy to meet anyone in his own age group these days. Even Jacob was too old for him…lol.

    Yes, the Sawyer pic was carefully posed, as it hints at greatness but doesn’t give us the full shot. 😛 And I like that she included Emerson as well…the guy truly is amazing. And he thinks Eyeliner guy is hot, so he’s okay in my book…lol.

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