Lost: A Journey in Time — clip/recap show

I liked this recap show better than the previous one (“The Story of the Oceanic 6”). It’s faster paced, it’s narrated by Michael Emerson, it has commentary by Damon and Carlton, and it actually answers a couple of questions — why Ben killed Locke, and why four of the Losties on Aljira 316 ended up in 1977.

Now, the Finale is about to begin. Wheee …..

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One response to “Lost: A Journey in Time — clip/recap show

  1. I liked this one, too, especially with the narration by Michael Emerson. I liked that when he mentioned Ben, he got a sly little “that’s me!” tone to his voice…lol.

    I was going to say “Wait, they explained why they landed in ’77?” but then I realized that they did–they just didn’t follow Elaine’s rules closely enough. 😛

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