Damon and Carlton talk about the final episode of the final season of LOST (and much more) at the Jules Verne Festival

Earlier, I posted clips of Evangeline Lilly and Michael Emerson at last month’s Jules Verne Festival. Now, here are some clips of producers/writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, starting with their walking out on stage to extended applause, and then being introduced to the audience:

They start to answer questions. Carlton talks about how being dead on LOST doesn’t mean you won’t appear on the show again:

The questions continue, and this is where they talk about the ending of the show, and where it gets really interesting.

Damon says that they’ve known, for a long time, what the very last scene of the show will be. Carlton promises that the ending will not be that it “happens in a snow globe,” or that it “all takes place in a dream in a dog’s mind” — and that they won’t just cut to black, the way The Sopranos did.

He says they have a very appropriate and legitimate ending for the show, and they are excited about it, even if they are already starting to feel nostalgic about the show coming to an end.

Damon says that they will answer all the mysteries “that we care about” in the final episode. They won’t make us pay to see a movie to find out!

They also discuss the show’s theme of faith versus science. Carlton calls it one of the central philosophical debates of our time. He says that he, who is Catholic, and Damon, who was raised Jewish, debate these issues between themselves, and then they put the debates into the mouths of the characters. He says that the ongoing nature of the debate is what gives the show its thematic power.

Carlton says that they will take the debate to a conclusion that is, hopefully, satisfying. Damon says that so far on the show, faith seems to be winning.

The questions continue. Damon talks about the Dharma Initiative, which he describes as a group of people who say they are trying to make the world a better place, but are probably more violent than anyone else we have met on the Island. He says there is still “much to learn” about them.

Carlton says that we will get some more answers about the Smoke Monster in this season’s finale.

Damon talks about how difficult it was to cast the character of Kate, how he and J.J. Abrams had to audition almost 75 actresses.

And here you can see them receiving the Jules Verne Achievement Award:

Here’s hoping LOST wins all the awards it deserves!

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